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Welcome to aroundhereicons, an icon comminuty shared by hallonpaj, seriously_em and xixlovexgreenx.

Once up on a time there were three little girls…

Annie was the fun and obsessed one who lived in Sweden. A cold country where polar bears roamed the streets and people went around naked. Annie spent many hours daydreaming, you see, she was hopelessly in love with a princess named Dianne. She was without a doubt sure they would live happily ever after…which we are sure they did.

Lyss was the green girl who lived in the world called Germany where they talk strangely and eat sweet popcorn. She spent hours upon hours trying her best to turn her skin as green as her favorite witch and some people even swore they had seen her jump off her roof with her mum’s broom. Some said she was crazy…some say she was a real witch. Who knows, maybe not all witches had to be green skinned…

Em was the crazy one. She lived in Sweden just like Annie which makes her just as cool. She loved to write and had a not at all secret obsession over the color pink. She loved dancing in her room (this was of course before her IPod turned suicidal) and though her voice was far from good she loved to sing along. What people mostly remember from her writings is her love for killing off characters…so far though we have no evidence that she has moved on to real people…
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